girl, knives, dishwashergirl-knives-dishwasherClean-up!


You’ve just finished cleaning up after a big weekend breakfast of chocolate chip-banana pancakes, eggs, and fresh fruit. Your oldest has settled on the couch with the latest stack of library books and your two younger munchkins are outside with your partner and Miranda gleefully screaming and laughing in a game of Monster Soccer, a unique combination of Keep-Away and soccer infused with vicious, infectious roaring. 


You can’t decide whether to join the game or to snuggle with your oldest but either way, you know that this photo session will capture your family at it’s most natural. Your kids were already familiar with Miranda from the earlier interview session and, after the initial 10-15 minutes of wondering why she was taking pictures of your family snuggling in bed, quickly became acclimated to her company and resumed being their busy-body selves. Plus your partner is just ecstatic not to have to perform on cue. 


You briefly recall the things you shared with Miranda during your interview and wonder again what everyone else shared with her. But you don’t have time to think about it much longer as your family screams for you to join in on the fun. 


A Day in the Love ®️ documentary session using the photojournalistic approach of A Day in the Life Photography isn’t necessarily your best bet for holiday cards or baby announcements where extreme Powers of Persuasion must be combined with the technical wizardry of Head-Swapping, Retouching, and Liquifying to produce creamy, idyllic portraits. Instead, if you embrace the ups and downs and turn-arounds of your everyday life - or if you think you can at some point in the future! - A Day in the Love ®️ Family Photofilm allows you to capture moments at their juiciest and most raw. 


And forget the up-front session fee. Buy it only if you love it



"In a world where everyone has a camera, our phones are filled with a lot of pictures with little depth and almost no substance. Miranda is able to capture stories and emotions within her photos better than any photographer we have used. The slideshow she created moved us so much that we were crying and laughing throughout the entire video. It was just beautiful. The photos she took of our family are miniature time capsules that will live on forever in the photo book in our living room for everyone to enjoy rather than locked in our phones."